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At Vedmonk.com we provide the world’s best ayurvedic, organic and herbal products. These products are safe to use, have no allergic reaction and have no added preservatives. At Vedmonk.com we also provide products with solutions for


Medicated oils, pain relief tablets etc to eliminate vata and ama, and Consequently, reduce pain.


To help you to acquire more immunity Vedmonk has a wide range of ayurvedic immunity boosters.


Medicated hair oils, shampoos, etc to completely eradicate all hair problems.

Other than the above we also provide solution-based products for diabetes, weight management, skin care, oral care, hair care, digestive care, cough & cold relief, memory & brain power, men’s health, women’s health, joint & bone health, cardiac care, stress relief, immunity booster, weight management, kids, men, women, elderly, mom and baby.

These naturally based products are promoted as a preferred alternative to chemical and synthetically manufactured medicines. The procurement of raw materials and production processes are subjected to strict quality control using state-of-art technologies. The combination of knowledge and the latest research on the mechanism of action and efficacy of medicinal plants are the foundation for the production of our products.

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